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Konzu is the leader of the Ostrons in the town of Cetus. He stands near the Cetus gates and offers bounties to any Tenno willing to help defend Cetus against the encroaching Grineer. He also gives out specific bounties during Operation: Plague Star and the recurrent Ghoul Purges. He assigns the Tenno the quest Saya's Vigil once they have proved themselves by completing a bounty.

Syndicate information

There are many vendors in Cetus who allow the Tenno to both gain and spend Standing with the Ostrons, but as their leader, Konzu represents the Ostron faction as a whole. The Ostrons are described thusly:

A tight-knit band of merchants, hucksters and survivors, the Ostrons call Cetus their home. The town was built around an Orokin Tower that both protects and nourishes them.

Konzu assigns various bounties to complete out on the Plains of Eidolon, rewarding both exclusive items and Ostron Standing. Standing can also be gained by donating fish to the villagers via Fisher Hai-Luk, donating uncut gems to Old Man Suumbaat, or by donating mastered or gilt Zaws to the Cetus militia via Hok. The Ostron Syndicate ranks, from least to most favoured, are:

  • Neutral: [no description]
  • Offworlder: The Ostrons are wary of outsiders. Speak with Konzu to learn how to increase your Standing with them.
  • Visitor: The Ostrons are intrigued by your presence and are willing to instruct you in their ways.
  • Trusted: The Ostrons have begun to accept you into their society. They will sell you goods not offered to strangers.
  • Surah: You have earned the trust of the Ostrons. They regard you as a valuable ally.
  • Kin: You are respected by the Ostron Elders and adored by the children. You have access to their most sought-after wares.

When it comes time for a Tenno to rank up, they must talk to Konzu, who will request a sacrifice of Plains resources, and reward them with any item from any Cetus vendor, befitting their new status.

Idle quotes

These are un-subtitled lines that Konzu says when he is not interacting with the Tenno.

"Handy with a gun or blade? Cetus needs you. Let's talk."

"Offworlder! I'm hiring combat talent. Let's talk rates."

"Job board's filling up, offworlder. Help Konzu clear the slate, eh?"

"Offworlder! Help push the Grineer away from Cetus. You do a good deed, I pay you for it."

Prove Yourself

(greeting the Tenno for the first time) "Swazdo-lah, offworlder. Interested in working for me? Gotta prove yourself first. Head out on the Plains and show me what you can do."

The first time the Tenno arrives at Cetus, Konzu will only have a single bounty available, titled "Prove Yourself" and described as "Prove your ability. Show Konzu what you're capable of!" This bounty will pull dialogue lines from any of the normal Cetus bounties, even different bounties, which can end up being nonsensical.

(when the Tenno first emerges onto the Plains) Lotus: "The Plains of Eidolon… the site of an historic battle between the Orokin and a great Sentient. These plains are a vast graveyard of the Sentients who attacked the Tower long ago. If local legends are true, you do not want to be out here at night."

The bounty will consist of a single stage (awarding 200 Ostron Standing), after which the Tenno can return to Cetus. Konzu will now offer the Tenno the normal selection of bounties, as well as offer the quest Saya's Vigil.

Greeting the Tenno

[After the quest Saya's Vigil, Saya will sometimes speak for Konzu when interacting with the Tenno.]

"You pay me in red, I pay you in silver."

"Got something. Heavy hitter like you needs a little snack, yeah?"

"I give you coordinates. You go in, you work, nobody but you comes out. Good?"

(if the Tenno is rank Trusted or higher) "Konzu's favourite gun. Swazdo-lah, killer."

(if the Tenno is rank Trusted or higher) "Ah, Tenno. Good, good, utz."

(if the Tenno is rank Trusted or higher) "Right on time, surah. I see you. Let's get to work."

(if the Tenno is rank Trusted or higher) "Ai yo. You are bright in the Unum's sight, surah. Magnificent. Magnificent, utz."

(if the Tenno is rank Trusted or higher) "Ah, our most esteemed surah! Welcome!"

Accepting a bounty

[After the quest Saya's Vigil, Saya will sometimes speak for Konzu when interacting with the Tenno.]

"Rightio. See you soon."

"Alright. Chop chop."

"One more off the docket. Hop to."

"Couldn't get anyone to take that on. Early lunch for Konzu."

Declining a bounty

[After the quest Saya's Vigil, Saya will sometimes speak for Konzu when interacting with the Tenno.]

"You upping your rates on me?"

"Picky, picky."

[groan] "You gonna make me use offworld talent? Come on!"

Requesting sacrifice

"It would be my honour to help you toward grace."

"We Ostrons would be honoured to accept your sacrifice."

(after a successful sacrifice) "The Unum smiles upon you, surah."

Browsing offerings

"Swazdo-lah! How may we assist?"

"Lok heb, esteemed friend."

"Kruna metta, advise us as to your need."

Redeeming an offering

"One hand washing the other, indivisible."

"The lessening of your burden also lightens ours."

"A wise choice."

Bidding farewell

[After the quest Saya's Vigil, Saya will sometimes speak for Konzu when interacting with the Tenno.]

"See you again, eh, Tenno."

"You come back again soon."



Konzu issues Bounties for the Plains of Eidolon, either from his post in Cetus or any of the various radio stations situated around the Plains. When the Tenno accepts a Bounty, Konzu will give them background information to start, and will thank them upon completion of the Bounty, though execution of the missions themselves is handled by the Lotus.

In addition to the normal Cetus bounties, Konzu also issues bounties for the recurring Plague Star and Ghoul Purge events. He is a character in the quest Saya's Vigil, and is mentioned very briefly by Onkko, Nakak, Teasonai, Saya, and Sigor Savah. Little Duck was overheard speaking to him during Operation: Scarlet Spear, and he was referenced by name in a letter found in Nightwave Series 3: The Glassmaker. He plays a role in the New War quest.

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Konzu Dialogue – Orokin Archives (2024)


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